Here are five participating artists in the YAMI-ICHI London.

You can find their artworks and examples of what they want as offers from you!

What would you offer to in exchange for their amazing artworks?


Nicola Bergamaschi

I’m an Italian self-taught artist based in London. I work across traditional and digital media and love to experiment with techniques and materials. The work I am presenting is from a series focused on fictional characters in interior spaces where time seems to stand still. These characters are completely immersed in their own thoughts and are surrounded by various objects from fruit to plasticine to iconic design objects which further enhance the enigmatic quality of these moments. The two pieces are acrylic on canvas and form a one of a kind set. My upcoming series of works are inspired by this series but focuses solely on interior space and uses a combination of oil paintings and VR experience.

Instagram @nicola_bergamaschi

The artwork up for offer

Three paintings;

  1.  Henry’s portrait
  2.  The Thinker
  3.  Multiple self-portrait

Exciting Offers for Nicola

For Examples…

  • Anyone with skills at Virtual Reality programs (Unity) interested in a collaboration
  • A holiday/residency in Jamaica
  • A nice place for my next exibition
  • A trumpet



Michelle Loa Kum Cheung

Recently relocating from Australia to the UK, Michelle Loa Kum Cheung's practice is the fragmentation and fabrication of past and place, real or imagined. Much of her imagery is derived from borrowed memories and second hand experiences, particularly of the natural world as a symbol of constant transience. Her art is a response to the artist's own dislocation from her cultural heritage, and her identity as an Australian with a Chinese Mauritian background. Loa Kum Cheung's practice is largely focused on painting and two-dimensional works and in her current practice, Loa Kum Cheung favours the raw materiality of wood and paper as a base, due to its permeability under heat.

The artwork up for offer

A pyrographic drawing on layered paper - a "Landscape Anatomy" drawing - developed over the course of the event

Exciting Offers for michelle

  • A unique and exciting exhibition space, in this country or a different one
  • To teach me a new skill or a learning course
  • Donation to Headway East London, a charity organisation supporting people affected by brain injury



Jing Tan

Jing is a Chinese artist currently doing her graduation from Royal College of Art. Her works are centred around the concepts of absurdity and reality. Exploring these, leads to questioning the boundaries of reality and normality. Her artistic practice includes a vast repertoire of media, from mixed-media, textile, sculpture to creating interactive objects and paintings.  Jing offers the viewer an opportunity to experience ordinary things in a new light through her artworks which are inspired by everyday objects and re-contextualized. Her artistic language also includes a great deal of humour, absurdity and irrationality. She is particularly interested in dissecting convention and the properness of an object in order find a way to make it playful and disruptive. 

Past exhibition: 2015: Shanghai Dongliang  “This Anagenesis specie is ___________ ?”


The artwork for offer:

  1. A new painting using my resin layering technique
  2. Sculpture of an eyeball
  3. A headpiece

Exciting Offers for jing

For Examples…

  • A chance to work with artist in UK for a long term period
  • A studio space can be work in for a project time
  • I want to learn ceramic making, if someone can teach me will be amazing
  • I always want to learn harp!

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill completed MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2016, and her work focuses on drawing and performance.

The 2D works being auctioned were made just before Sarah started her MA, and are introspective, obsessive and have internalised anxiety.  However, thanks to her supportive peer environment on the MA she was able to come out of her shell and express herself in a new way through performance, in which her anxieties and obsessiveness came out in a much more explicit way, of which she now wishes to continue as her practice for the foreseeable future.


The artwork up for offer

A selection of framed drawings and collages

Exciting Offers for Sarah

  • Practical offers: Make me some business cards, Teaching DIY skills, Use of a studio space or residency etc...
  • Artistic offers: Something inspiring for new artworks, Offer to test out performance ideas, an artwork or materials etc...
  • Random offers: 50 bottles or a crateful of ketchup, a hot air balloon ride, Eurostar tickets, a year’s membership to something etc…

Anta Germane Portrait_1.jpg

Anta Germane

Anta is a sculpture and installation artist with particular interest in light installations, site specific work and public spaces. After spending a couple of years in London, she started exploring the themes of contemporary city and its relationship to industrial history. Looking for various repetitive patterns in urban areas and using them as a basis for prints, light boxes, sculptures and installations she explores how mass production is intertwined with the fabric of the city and our lives on a level that goes beyond consumer products. “The Net” uses architectural line patterns from housing estates, looking at council flats in particular.

The artwork up for offer

  • A mixed media paper light box
  • A mixed media painting on paper.

Exciting Offers for anta

  • Teach a special skill
  • A space for experimental work or exhibiting 
  • A day trip/adventure/activity
  • A dinner with like minded people